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mmpi online propeller shopMichigan Marine Propulsion International is based in Newton Abbot, UK where we house Europe's largest inventory of fixed pitch propellers and in Dubai in the UAE where we have a team of highly qualified Naval Architects and Marine Engineers together with fully equipped service and maintenance workshops. Our propeller manufacturing plant is located at Grand Rapids in the USA where we build a comprehensive range of standard and custom designed products.

We are designers and manufacturers of a range of Inboard propellers which include the Michigan, Federal, HyTorq, GoldLine, PowerLine and CustomLine brands.
We also build a very comprehensive series of Outboard and SternDrive propellers which are built in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Bronze and include globally recognised brands such as Ballistic, Apollo, Vortex, Michigan Match, Ambush and DynaJet.

Our related propulsion products include complete Sterngear Packages, Tailshaft Systems, Rudder Assemblies and Strut Arrangements.


MMPi was built on a fundamental principle of engineering excellence and know how. Today, we continue to focus on these values as we strive to provide unbeatable service to our valued customers the world over.

Our vision is to combine more than 100 years’ experience and expertise to deliver a diverse range of products, services and complete propulsion packages.

This website provides an overview of our extensive history, together with a detailed look at our products, services and equipment, an insight into our manufacturing processes and a chance to keep up to date with MMPI news.

You will also find a link to our Online Shop where you can browse through our products and purchase via the internet.

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