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Propeller Manufacturing

With the latest plant, machinery and melting furnaces, our fully equipped manufacturing facility ensures we stay at the forefront of production development.

In the early 1980’s we became one of the first propeller manufacturers in the world to commence pitch machining of propeller blades using CNC Mills; today we have nine machines performing these operations.

This philosophy of technological development combined with practical hands-on experience has always been a cornerstone of our production strategy and today our CAD-CAM abilities are unsurpassed amongst propeller manufacturers.

In our foundry we predict and control the pour of molten metal using the very latest flow modelling software and in the workshop CNC machinery is used to manufacture Michigan sterngear systems, assuring repeatable high tolerance production. We are very proud of the years of manufacturing craftsmanship and know-how that have gone into making Michigan products amongst the finest in the marketplace today.