MMPi are lucky enough to have worked alongside some of the most well respected members of the propulsion industry. Please continue reading to see some of the kind words they have said about us.

Grover Propeller
Michigan have a long-standing relationship with Grover propeller, going back over 50 years.

"Thank you for 58 Years of partnership between Michigan Wheel and Grover Propeller. My grandfather, Franz Grover, started doing business with Michigan Wheel in 1955 and we have seen many changes and product innovation, which has given us the chance to supply key products with outstanding quality to our customers. Due to a large product range, we can confidently offer service and products for engines from 5 HP to 5000 HP."
Dirk Grover // Managing Director

Westport Shipyard Inc.
MMPi are proud to be associated with the Washington based Westport Shipyard Inc, one of the world’s most advanced and proven boat builders for Maritime Defence and Security vessels.

"Following cooperative efforts between the Westport and Michigan Wheel engineering groups, the developed advanced propulsion system on our GRC43m met or exceeded all performance objectives for this vessel. The propellers and struts produced by Michigan Wheel performed extremely well, with very low levels of vibration, and provided excellent top vessel speed."
Taylor Olson // Naval Architect